About me

Welcome to my shop 🖤

I’m Stella and SK VINTAGE  is an online store of authentic Y2K & 90s vintage clothing online, based in Paris, FR since 2018.

All my items are second hand clothes, coming from all Europe and looking for a second life.

You will find more than 600 items each months, they’re all high vintage quality made with precious fabrics like 100% cotton, silk, wool … This high textile quality assure clothes that last! 

I’m trying to get you the cheapest price possible, so everyone can help to avoid fast fashion. Fast fashion use cheap & very polluting fabrics, they won’t last and make you buy again and again.

Buying vintage helps to grow sustainable fashion and stops the surproduction of textile ♻️ 

I hope you like my shop as I do!  I‘ll always be so grateful for everyone who support  a small business & woman owner 💞

Stella Xx